Congrats on signing up to Ignico trial! Now you might be looking for hints regarding setup & configuration. There are 3 milestones that needs to be accomplished before you start.

STEP 1: Create new users (brand ambassadors, sales reps etc.)

There are 3 ways on how to create new users:

  1.  You can add them manually via admin panel:
    Admin -> Users -> New user

  2. You can invite people to self-signup redirecting them to your Ignico workspace signup page: 

  3. If you want to create users automatically when they signup to some 3rd party software (i.e. your CRM or e-commerce), you can do it with the use of Ignico API

Please note you can also create Ranks and assign them to different users as well as Tags in order to segment your users database.

STEP 2: Add first actions (transactions or events)

Action is something for what you want to reward users. They are divided into transactions (they have value, i.e. order in your e-commerce or closed deal in CRM) and events (they don't have value, i.e. downloading an app or registration).

  1. You can add action manually via admin panel:
    Admin -> Actions -> New action

  2. There is also possibility to load actions into Ignico in bulk - you can use CSV import:
    Admin -> Imports -> Data imports -> Import data 

  3. If you want to add actions automatically connecting 3rd party data sources (ie. your e-commerce or CRM), you can do it with the use of Ignico API

  4. You may also want to use our plugins to existing 3rd party softwares i.e. WooCommerce plugin 

Actions are defined by the following parameters:

  • Type: Transaction or Event

  • Date: Date when action happened

  • Title: Description of transaction

  • External identifier: ID of action in external system ie. order number or deal number

  • Performer: Person who performed the action (sale or purchase)

  • Referrer: not being used at the moment

STEP 3: Configure your first motivation plan

Motivation plans are sets of bonuses - rules of rewarding your target audience (brand ambassadors, sales reps etc.).

In order to configure your first motivation plan, go to:
Admin -> Bonuses -> Motivation plans -> New motivation plan

  1. Select new bonus from dropdown menu of bonuses,

  2. Configure parameters of selected bonus (if applicable) or define new conditions clicking on button below,

  3. Define new rewards that should be results of particular bonus definition.

Please note that motivation plan may have more than one bonus.

Currently Ignico supports following types of motivation plans:

  • Instant - results of calculation are immediately applying rewards (i.e. tranferring funds to users e-wallets)

  • Monthly - results of calculation are presented in real-time to the users, however application of rewards happens when month + it's grace period (defined separately for each motivation plan) ends

Congratulations - you are all set! This way you can start rewarding your users (brand ambassadors, clients, sales reps etc.) by activities they take (transactions or events) according to rewarding rules defined within motivation plans.

It's the easiest way to start your own referral, loyalty, social selling or MLM program.

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