Referral links help your ambassadors promote your business by redirecting their friends to your website. In the same time it allows you to track transactions and events made by such referrals.

Go to:
Admin -> Users -> Referral links -> New referral link

  • Name - displayed to your ambassadors in their dashboard to describe the link. Please note that field "Name" is also used to construct SEO-friendly URL

  • Target URL - by clicking on referral link, visitor will be redirected to this URL (i.e. your website) with special tag:
    Thanks to that, you can recognize who referred particular visitor to the site and then send captured REFERRALCODE in transaction as "Performer ID"

Once you added new referral link, let's see how it looks in your abmassador dashboard. While you are still in admin panel, click on dropdown menu on your name and select "Your profile":

You will be redirected to the view of sample ambassador. Select Referrals -> Referral links in main menu, and you will be redirected to the list of all available referral links:

Each link is presented in 2 versions:

  • SEO-friendly, but longer

  • Short version

Little icon next to each link allows you to copy it to clipboard. Copy one of the links and share it with your friends - that's what your ambassadors are supposed to be doing. 

On target URL sites you need to write a code (or use one of our Ignico plugins to exsiting 3rd party solutions) that will allow you to load cookie with REFERRAL CODE that you need to apply as "Performer ID" while sending transaction via API to Ignico.

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