We decided not to implement users statuses logic in Ignico as we already have 2 other ways of user segmentation. This article will help you understand what are the proper use cases for both of them and how it relates to "user statses" issue.


Ranks are strongly related to motivation plans (sometimes they call it also carreer plans or compensation plans). It's all about achieving next level in the hierarchy - becoming a Team Leader, Manager, Director etc. 

You can configure them in Admin -> Bonuses -> Ranks.

Ranks are usually assigned to the users based on their performance - as a reward in motivation plan. This process is then fully automated, however you can also assign ranks manually.

Ranks has got a parameter called "rank order":

It's helps Ignico distinguish which rank is higher in the hierarchy than the other.


Tags are the most flexible way of user segmentation in Ignico. You can define your own tags (Admin -> Tags -> New Tag Definition) and start assigning them to  the users.

More importantly, tags can be used as both rewards & conditions in bonuses. You can also assign target audience of motivation plans (in "Settings" section):


If you are looking for implementation of statuses in Ignico - depending on the use case you can:

  • Assign Ranks if you interpret "statuses" as next career levels

  • Assign Tags if you just want to create statuses regardless of achieving new ranks in motivation plans (ie. Lead, Customer, Partner) 

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