At Ignico we support 2 types of motivation plans - Instant or Periodic (Recurring). You can set it up by the field called Frequency in motivation plan configurator:

Instant rewarding

Instant motivation plans are issuing the reward (if it's financial reward, it goes directly to the Wallet) at the moment of calculation and when all conditions are met. There is no cooling-off period, Ignico does not wait until the end of week or month.

Sample use case:
Referral program that rewards user with X% for each referred transaction.

Periodic (recurring) rewarding

Periodic motivation plans are keeping the results of the bonuses calcluations done throughout the whole frequency period (week or month) and issuing them to the users at the end of this period.

Results of the periodic calculations are accesible to the users in their panels: User panel -> Finance -> Periodic commissions

However commission payout is not transferred to their Wallets until the end of the period.

Sample use case:
Compensation plan for the team of sales reps or carrer plan for multi-level marketing buisness.

Grace (cooling-off) period

Grace period enables you to move by given number of days the moment of payout. By default commission payout is done at the end of the period (i.e. month) but you may want to make payouts for the last month i.e. at 15-th day of the month.

Sample use case:
In e-commerce you experience a cooling-off period when consumers can return purchased goods for no reasons. Usually this cooling-off period takes 14 days. So in order to avoid commission payout sooner then cooling-off period ends, you set up grace period in Ignico for 15 days.

Start date of the period

One of the fields in motivation plan settings is a Start date. For frequency other than instant, it also impacts the moment when particular period starts. 

IIf you set up the start date to 12-th September 2018 and frequency monthly then you will have monthly periods starting at every 12-th day of the month. If frequency is set to weekly and start day is Wednesday, then your weekly periods in this motivation plan will always start on Wednesdays.

Learn more about motivation plans setup (video).

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