One of the most popular rewards in Ignico is a reward for the direct referral. 

Sample use case:
If your customer refers his friend to buy a product from you, then referring customer (brand ambassador) receives 10% of the value of his friend's basket.

Easy as it may sound, such rewarding rule can be configured in two ways depending on the strategy.

#1: Only brand ambassadors (referring customers) are registered in a referral program (end-customers are not)

In such a strategy, when after successful referral (i.e. sending a referral link that caused a purchase) you send action (conversion) to Ignico, you indicate brand ambassador who referred the customer as Referrer (instead of Performer).

Then you set up a bonus called Percentage value of every action and in the field Who do you want to reward? you also set a Referrer:

This way you can start sending referral conversions (actions) that were caused by your brand ambassadors without registering referred customers in Ignico as the users.

#2: Everyone who purchases anything is automatically registered in your referral program

The second strategy assumes that by "direct referral" you mean that customer that bought something is/becomes also a member of your affiliate program.

Let's say brand ambassador A referred a customer B. During the purchase of customer B, an account in Ignico is registered for him, so in the users referral tree there is a dependency (relation): A -> B

Then when you send action (conversion) to Ignico, you set customer B as Performer of this action. It's his personal purchase so as long as he has an account in Ignico, you consider him as a performer of this action.

Then if you want to reward brand ambassador A as a person who invited customer B to the whole program - you need to set up a bonus that is called Generation bonus, and configure a reward on 1st level:

This way you can also reward your community on multiple levels.

How to automate the process of setting user accounts in Ignico via API? Read API docs

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