When you already received a commission, it will land in your wallet: [yourdomain] Your account balance is positive, and you can add a new Payout Transaction.

2. After using the "Add transaction" button in the top right corner, you are going to the new transaction screen [yourdomain] where you can choose the amount to be paid out and give an individual name to it.

3. Next step is a confirmation of the operation:

4. After adding it, you'll see a new transaction in your wallet with "pending" status and the amount will be deducted from available funds. When your Administrator confirms the payment, it will get the "realized" status, which means that the funds should be already on their way.


1. Payout request made by the USER will be visible in the Wallet Transactions as "pending".

2. You need to confirm this transaction by using the "realize transaction" button [yourdomain]

3. After that, the status will change to realized for both Admin and User.

The transaction itself takes place outside Ignico as we don't know how you pay the commissions to your ambassadors. 

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